The Collar Coaster is a concept for a new form of thrill ride combining elements of a steel coaster and a traditional free fall ride. Traditional free fall rides position passengers outward on a car from a center track. The ride experience then becomes more personal as each passenger has minimal view of other passengers and ride mechanics. Traditional free fall rides, however, are limited to a vertical motion. The Collar Coaster allows for all motions of standard steel coaster with the personalized experience of a free fall ride. See the animations of the Collar Coaster going vertical (.avi, 2.2M) and horizontal(.avi, 2.2M) .

By leaving a section of the circular car open, the track is capable of additional support structures to provide car motions that are not vertical. Each set is hinged so if the collar spins on the track, the seats will pivot

A section of this Collar Coaster was prototyped using SLS.

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